10 Things a Teacher Should Never Do

Today in this blog, we will highlight 10 Things a Teacher should never do. These things teachers should never say to students, whatever the situation is.

10 Things a Teacher should never do

  1. Monotonous teaching

For a better understanding of the topic and creative learning of the students, a teacher should adopt an innovative teaching method. The monotonous way of teaching in the classroom leads to a lack of interest in students. It is boring if there is no involvement or active participation of students. Students are passive learners in this. So teaching should be dynamic and energetic.

  1. Biasness

Biasness means partiality or the state of being biased in which the teacher favours one and ignores the other leading to demotivation in students. This behaviour of teachers develops an inferiority complex in students and results in treating students unfairly, which is an unethical practice.

  1. Criticizing students in public

A teacher should avoid criticizing his/her students in public. The words and comments of teachers sometimes leave a lifetime impact on students.

  1. Avoid shouting at students

When you enter into class, sometimes the students are loud, and they ignore you, and you shout aggressively at students, so they pay attention, it is a big mistake and leaves a bad impression. Don’t get angry, don’t shout, and don’t be aggressive. As the teacher is the adult in the room, a teacher should remain calm, and they will look towards you for your guidance as a leader.

  1. Not believing in the students

Teachers’ behaviour imprints a great impact on students. Sometimes teachers are unable to acknowledge the problems and doubts of weaker students. Every student in the classroom has the right to be treated equally. A teacher should show faith in the students and provide remedial measures.

  1. Teacher-centred approach

Learning in the classroom gets boring when the participation of teachers is active, and the students are passive and act as listeners only. It should be student-centric. A student-centred approach to learning has several benefits like the development of interests, better understanding, practical work, and improvement of knowledge.

  1. Avoid making fun of students’ questions

A teacher should never make fun of students’ questions because questioning should be used to achieve well-defined goals. A teacher must be skilled in answering the question of students in a logical way. If a teacher makes fun of students’ questions, the students will not speak in the classroom next time.

  1. Not maintaining eye contact

During teaching, maintaining eye contact with the students is necessary. It shows the confidence of teachers and the student’s participation in the class. Eye contact is very important, so a teacher should always maintain eye contact with pupils.

  1. Giving wrong answers

Sometimes students ask random questions from teachers. Normally, a teacher is not able to answer every question of the students. In this situation, the teacher gives wrong answers to students or mark their question as useless. Avoid doing so, the teacher should tell his students that he will be back with accurate solutions.

  1. Zero appreciation

Feedback is an important part of teaching. It can be negative or positive. If a student is doing something wrong, a teacher must direct the student in the right way. Similarly, if a student is doing something good, then he/she should be appreciated or praised by the teacher.

We have highlighted things teachers should never say to students, and if you like these points, share this blog with fellow teachers. And if you have more queries, mention them in the comment box.

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