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Top 5 Zodiac Signs That Can Read Your Mind

Body language is the toughest way to judge or understand a person. Sometimes you might get it right but you could also misjudge someone. You might have heard of “Action speaks louder than words”, however it is very true for many people who are blessed with astrological abilities to understand body language.

Everyone communicates with a particular language but people for some people it also works with signs and actions of a person’s body language. Imagine you are on a date with a person who has special abilities to understand a person without saying a word. It would be joyful but could also be scary.

Understanding people through their body language is an old study of Vedic astrology and science. In today’s generation, you might find many courses and studies to learn how to read body language.

But it was discovered in the very early stages of astrology. This is why many astrologers have mastered this ability to judge people with their body language. If you want to empathize with someone’s personality through their body language then you can also learn this through our online Vedic astrology courses.

In our Astrology Course, you will learn from the best astrologers across the country. They will teach you from the basics of Vedic science to the advanced level of understanding people through their body language.

However, there are some zodiac signs that are born with this gift. They can read people’s minds and empathize with their feelings without knowing much about them. These zodiac natives are intuitive and observant of their surroundings. They can sense the negativity in a person’s persona.

Let’s find out if you’re one of those gifted people –


Considered to be the most mysterious yet perceptive, Scorpio natives are of a mixed breed. They can hide their feelings like a pro but can also read others’ personalities without a doubt. Scorpions are not only secretive but also kinky, and like to first understand a person and then would shell out.

They are very good at reading people’s body language that you can’t even figure out if they are good listeners or judging you with your actions. However, if you look closely at their facial expressions you might be able to understand a bit about them.

They blink a lot while reading a person’s body language. Usually, they make serious faces but constantly change their expressions and try hard to not look awkward while reading others’ countenances.

Most of the time they don’t just listen to the words but also capture the actions of a person. They deeply understand the feelings and always try to extract all the relevant information with their convincing power.

Scorpions are very good at eye contact which is why you can also read their mind. If they are interested in you, you will be able to understand their facial expressions. Usually, it always depends on them whether they want you to know about them or not.


Aries is one of the most energetic and passionate zodiac signs yet they do not communicate much with others. You might find them really attractive by just looking into their eyes. They are not only gifted to read others’ body language but also express themselves with an ease that no one can ignore their intense eyes.

Once they get comfortable with someone they truly connect with them and share a give-and-take feeling. They will not only try to read your body language but will also express their feelings for you. You can sense whether they are into you or not.

They have such a strong sense of reading countenances that it becomes hard for people to lie to their face. Aries are passionate but also very secretive about their feelings which is why they try to judge first and then make a move.


Librans like to be center staged which is why they look for this quality in others. They can read others’ minds through the energy of other people. The first they look for is a negative vibe. If they sense any negativity in others’ body language they create vast distance from them.

Like Aries and Scorpions, Librans are not secretive, they live to merge with people and openly try to understand others’ feelings. They do not try to hide the fact that they can read your body language.


Pisces natives are gifted with the sense of ability to detect the bad in people. The accuracy of this determination could leave you surprised. They are very open-minded and always popular personalities in their circles. Which is why they are good at reading others.

People tend to talk to them and they start reading their facial expressions and body action since the first meeting. Having many people around gave them an opportunity to master the gift of reading minds.


Gemini are so smooth in this mind game that sometimes they can even complete your sentences. They can never be fooled by anyone’s personality and even sense if there’s something fishy in the first meeting.

Gemini can also facade their personality. This is why you can never tell whether a Gemini is really interested in you or just listening to you to enhance their ability to read bodies.

Having these kinds of abilities makes a person special and dangerous at the same time. A person who can read others’ body language is surely gifted but people who have them as their partner feels lucky at times.

You do not have to express or explain your situation to them. They can just sense it with their intuitive and attentive abilities. If you want to know about your partner you can contact our astrology consultancy. However, If you want to learn to read body language then you can apply to our astrology course. You can also study through online courses on our Vedic astrology software.

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