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Top 10 Coaching Institutes for CAT in India

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For candidates preparing for the CAT exam. It is tough to think and choose the best coaching institute for the CAT prep. To make this part easy, we provide you with a list of the top 10 CAT coaching institutes in India.

Top 10 Coaching Institutes for CAT in India

#1) Verbalhub

It is a coaching institute located in Delhi, India. Verbalhub provides coaching for the CAT exam through online and offline modes. They also provide coaching related to other MBA exams.

Verbalhub believes in Effective and Productive learning. It has helped more than 2 lakh students in preparing for different exams. It is one of the top 10 coaching institutes for the CAT exam.

Few Highlights:

●      Students get more than 1499+ practice questions with video solutions

●      500 easy to difficult level questions for students

●      You will be evaluated based on sectional and conceptual tests regularly.

Once you enrol with Verbalhub, you get instant feedback and clarification on everything you ask.

#2) Byju’s

In recent years, we have seen that the progress graph of Byju’s is increasing and evolving as one of the popular coaching institutes for CAT In India. It offers teaching programs at all levels, starting from basic education. The founders of this platform have a promising online presence. For the CAT prep, they have online and mobile app programs which are quite popular among the students. It is ranked 2nd in the list of top 10 coaching institutes for the CAT.

Few Highlights:

The BYJU’S CAT Prep Module has a three-tier course structure.

  • Phase one of the CAT Prep Module at Byju’s involves basic concept clarity sessions.
  • Phase two comprises advanced workshops for students.
  • Finally, the last phase of the CAT prep includes pattern workshops.

#3) Unacademy

It was initially started in 2016, primarily it only served for UPSC exam preparations. It has been progressively evolving since. It is proclaimed as India’s largest online education learning platform, it teaches students through videos in a systematized setup. For the CAT exam, they have a structured approach covering all topics that are in the syllabus.

Few Highlights:

  • It is equipped with well-trained educators imparting knowledge in all the sections for CAT preparation.
  • They provide live classes apart from video lectures for CAT preparation.

Students can chat with the instructor, participate in interactive polls in a class, and learn anything anytime.

#4) Career Launcher

It is founded and started by IIT-IIM alumni is a renowned institute when it comes to acing competitive exams. Being one of the largest coaching institutes it has branches spread across the country.

They have coaching programs for different competitive exams(Like CAT, GMAT, JEE, etc). They equip students with detailed study plans guiding them to chart their path. They have good passionate mentors in place to aid students to ace the CAT exam with excellency.

Few Highlights:

  • It has an array of CAT coaching programs according to the needs of students candidates.
  • The CAT Classroom Program also trains aspirants for other MBA-related exams which include the IIFT, XAT, SNAP, etc.
  • The CAT Program gives aspirants flexibility to understand from any place at a time of their comfort.

#5) IMS Coaching Institute for CAT preparation

Being one of the oldest coaching institutes in India in the domain of management education. IMS has a wide reach across India with 90+ centres. IMS embraces a composite learning approach with offline, online, and mobile study plans.

Course Highlights:

  • The classroom program has 150 hours of thorough video content, enhanced analytics, and one-on-one personal mentoring.
  • CATapult is a Program offered by IMS that includes 299+ hours of in-classroom sessions, virtual content, workshops, and mocks.

#6) TIME

It is another prominent coaching for the CAT exam in India. Founded in 1992, it has more than 200+ branches across Indian towns and cities. TIME also provides coaching for other competitive exams for MBAs such as XAT, SNAP, CMAT, IIFT, etc.

Course Highlights:

  • The In-Classroom CAT Course is the most preferred choice of the students. It covers all concepts from fundamental to advanced.
  • They provide diverse and flexible correspondence and online courses.

#7) iQuanta

It’s been five years since its foundation, it is one of the institutes which provide the best coaching for CAT in India. It was started to help fellow CAT aspirants, iQuanta evolved into a successful online platform with active conversations by the founder. It uses social media platforms for coaching candidates.

Course Highlights:

  • It provides students with 499+ conceptual videos for LR, DI, quant, and verbal.
  • Uses Facebook to teach students.

#8) 2IIM

It is an IIT Alumni venture viewed as one of the most intensive coaching institutes for CAT in India. They have faculty who are from top B-schools, they focus completely on CAT(Common Admission Test) coaching.

Course Highlights:

  • The CAT programs include test series, learning modules, assessment modules, and best study material for CAT preparation.

#9) PT Education

It is also one of the most favoured CAT coaching institutes In India. Initiated in 1993, offers plenty of courses that are dedicated to CAT preparation. It provides online CAT mock tests with solutions to the students.

Course Highlights:

  • Different CAT courses offered by PT education vary in terms of features, mostly they are different in terms of the timing of the classes and span of the course.

#10) Hitbulls eye

It was started in 1996 with a team of alumni from IIM and XLRI, It has a good reputation, especially in North Indian cities. In 2013, they started an online platform for catering to students who are preparing for the CAT exam. They have expertise in all the management entrance exams, which includes the CAT (Common Admission Test). Read more article about Top 10 CAT Coaching Institute in Delhi

We believe in the growth of test-takers. Therefore, our CAT prep starts by setting a foundation first. All the best online coaching for the CAT exam get detailed information about the CAT syllabus VerbalHub aims at developing a basic understanding of the best cat coaching preparation that includes learning Basic Quant Concept, Reading Technique, General Grammar, Foundation of Reasoning, and General Data Interpretation.

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